Nick Wakelin


Age: 29
Location: Auckland
Breastie Partner: Dani Gruzelier
Instagram: @nick.wakelin

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How did you meet your partner?


How long have you been together for?

1 and a half years.

What are your favourite things about your partner?

She is the most beautiful, strongest and caring person in the world.

What is your favourite memory with your partner?

Going away to Rotorua for a long weekend when we had just started dating – we stayed in this really nice motel with a big spa and it was our first time alone like that together.

What do you and your partner do for fun?

Walking, yoga, tattoos festivals, board games – Rummikub is our fav, cooking, go for drives, go for food – we like to try everything and all the new restaurants and cafes.

How did you feel when you first heard your partner had Breast Cancer/BRCA?

The most devastating thing in the world. It was pretty surreal and didn’t really know what to think at the time. I was scared for the future and didn’t know what to expect. I felt numb and you never expect to happen.

What has been the most challenging thing about having a partner with Breast Cancer/BRCA?

Day to day life in general, I get so tired these days from the emotional stress. Seeing Dani have treatment and change so quickly from being pretty well to really sick is so hard for me to see. It feels like it’s all we talk about, i don’t know what we spoke about before it has become so life consuming. I just want it to go back to normal.

What resources have helped you through this experience?

Family, friends, the doctors make me feel better because she has good ones and they always reassure me she is going to be fine. Walking and yoga and computer games take my mind off things and we got a cat from the SPCA and she has been amazing for us.

Any extra words of support for anyone else who has a partner with breast cancer/BRCA:

Make sure you take every day as it comes.