Kaz Foncette


Age: Ageless but on paper I’m 32
Location: North London
Diagnosis: Breast Cancer Stage 2 grade 3 – HER2 positive – May 2017
Instagram username: kazfoncette


Resources that helped Kaz:
Literally just speaking to others , shopping, making lists, watching Harry Potter helped me a lot. I tried to plan my treatment out and my life around that. Taking each day as it came. I enjoy nature and walks and soaking in Mother Nature daily became a ritual . Watching sunsets was my way of connecting and letting go.
I didn’t read too much into things, I always spoke to my oncologist about things rather than googling because as we all know, Dr Google is an idiot and can cause unnecessary panic.
I talk about my daily experiences differently to everyone else. I write diary entries on instagram . Each time I write a post I end it on a positive note and hope that others reading can have some hope. See the positives that a diagnosis can bring rather than the negatives.
My passion has always been fashion and beauty and cancer really tested this for me. I got to rediscover who I was in the fittings room, despite my up and down weight , finding myself was as much of an experience as treatment was.