Bex King


Age: 35 diagnosed at 33
Location: New Zealand
Diagnosis: Stage 3 Grade 3 Triple negative

Intsagram: @Missbexking23

Diagnosis Story:

Both my grandmothers died of breast cancer in there fifties when I was 5. It wasn’t till I was 33 that it would almost be my turn. I owe my life to a lady named Karla who was diagnosed in 2016 with stage 4 breast cancer. She was going to die and for some reason it played on my mind a lot. At the end of 2016 the add came on the TV for women over 45 to get a mammogram. Karla wasn’t old enough to get that free check. I randomly put my hand on my left boob while walking to the lounge and there it was. I wouldn’t call it a lump but more of a mass.

That passed year I had been sick randomly all the time!! Like a hang over but I hadn’t been drinking. I went to the doctor and she also felt it but told me not to worry as it was probably just dense tissue.  She referred me to the super clinic and I left. I got a letter a few days later saying they couldn’t see me for 3 months so I went and got a ultrasound done privately and she also said it was just dense tissue. I didn’t think much of it and finally my letter came for my appointment. I thought hey I may as well get a second opinion as it’s free anyway and then I’ll have total piece of mind.

I went in and had a mammogram and another ultrasound and a biopsy and then on the 31st of January I got the results. Stage 3 grade 3 triple negative breast cancer. The tumour was bigger then two golf balls or half the size of my fist. If I hadn’t of found it when I did I would if been dead by my 35th birthday. Here’s me thinking the weight loss was because I was drinking vodka now not bourbon and coke… no just casually dying…

First I would need chemo to shrink my tumour then a double mastectomy then radiation..  I did fertility treatment and only got 3 eggs then started chemo. I did 3 rounds of fec and then 3 rounds of taxol. Then 2 weeks after my last round of chemo I had my double mastectomy. It wasn’t until I woke up from my operation on the 24th of July that I felt like I was cancer free.

In October I started 3 weeks if radiation everyday and on the 25th of October 2017 I finished treatment. It’s now been a year since I’ve finished treatment and I must say this last year was harder then the one going through treatment. You want so much for ur life to go back to how it was but it won’t. EVERYTHING changes through and after cancer. I don’t miss the old me but i do miss the feeling of someone hugging me. after my mastectomy i don’t have feeling in my chest so i will never know again what its like to hold someone and feel there chest on mine. sad but true…..