Dear Husband, A letter to my Hero

Dear Marcello, We were married July 23rd 2017, just barely a year after we met. Pretty much since I met you I knew you would be mine. We have a chemistry that lights a room up, and a love that makes others long for a camaraderie like ours. Unfortunately, our partnership was placed on the… Continue reading Dear Husband, A letter to my Hero

A “new” Dani.

Blog post: Originally posted:  August 15th 2018 I chose to shave my head six days after I was diagnosed and before I even started chemo. The week I found out I felt so out of control of my life, I still do. I felt like my body was no longer my own. I decided… Continue reading A “new” Dani.

Breast Cancer Fact Sheets

I have combed the internet for fact sheets about Breast Cancer that are up-to-date from all around the world. NEW ZEALAND View the rest of the infograph here: BCFNZ-NZBreastCancerFacts-Infographic Other fact sheets are available to download off the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ website here: AUSTRALIA Up to date Australian Statistics available here: UNITED KINGDOM… Continue reading Breast Cancer Fact Sheets