TOP 5 of my Cancer jams


Music has been key to getting through my treatment. Here are 5 of the songs I have had on repeat since starting chemo.

1. “The Greatest” – SIA

I mean any song that repeatedly tells you you’re the greatest is going to make you feel awesome. I particularly like “I got stamina” and “don’t give up” being repeated over and over again as well, it inspires me to keep on going and that even though this is hard I can do it.

Best time to listen: The gym.

2. “Can’t get enough of myself” – Santigold

Ever since I heard this song on Riverdale (fav show ever) I have had it on repeat. It is literally a song that goes on about how amazing she is. “Ain’t a gambler but honey I’d put money on myself“  is my favourite line. Self-belief has been key to getting me through this and this song gives me a hop in my step every time I listen to it.

Best time to listen: Walking.

3. “Love myself” – Hailee Steinfield 

Hailee is a huge advocate for loving the woman you are and not letting anyone take that away. This is a break up song but I love the chorus about loving yourself and not needing to have anyone else’s permission. Its is amazing having a man like Nick in my life, but he wouldn’t love me if I didn’t love myself first. This experience has challenged how I see myself. Being stripped naked and still looking at myself and saying “hey your amazing” every day has been a huge thing for me and this song backs that up.

Best time to listen: Getting ready to go to work or to a party.

4. “Breathin” – Ariana Grande

Bit of a change in pace, a slower jam but it just reminds me when I’m overwhelmed (which happens often) to step back, take a breath and slow down. Also, who doesn’t love a bit of Ari?

Best time to listen: In bed.


5. “F**k you” – Lily Allen

Sometimes you just need a funny jam that lets you sing the words “fuck you” over and over again. Lily is speaking about a variety of serious social issues in this song so it isn’t related to cancer but it’s just really fun to sing “fuck you” at the top of your lungs when you are in a wee bit of a slump.

Best time to listen: ANYTIME.

Photo credit: Photo by Alice Moore on Unsplash

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